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It's snowing....again

This time of year is hard for a lot of people.  What, with the grey skies, snow in the forecast, and no sign of spring (not to mention the yearly reminder that people in the real world don't get spring break), it's hard to put on a happy face.  Then today, I was looking over my past blog posts and came across this one.  It's called, "I Love My Job."  In it, I wrote about a really great day I was having and I made a list of just some of the reasons I love my job.  Here is the list:

1. I cherish my students.

2. I make a positive impact on people's lives.

3. I make a living singing songs and playing the piano.

4. Teaching music is not, and has never been, WORK.

5. At least once a day, one of my student's has an "A HA" moment.

6. I help to promote music education.

7. I see dreams come true for my students.

8. I hear progress every day.


So, why am I posting this to you again?  Because it made me smile AND it's still true.  I love my job....for all the reasons listed above and more.  And yes, it's a gloomy day and I do sorta wish I was in my pjs, under a blanket, watching old Bing Crosby movies.  BUT even better than that, I get to spend my day teaching my favorite thing-vocal music.  So take a second, yes right now, to think about all the reasons you love what you're doing.  (and if not one of them makes you smile...well....go eat a package of Oreos and take a nap)