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I Love My Job

Today I was reminded, yet again, of my love for teaching music.  One of my students auditioned for, and received, the lead role in her school musical.  She's been diligent in her music, acting, and dance practice leading up to the auditions, practiced her audition techniques (hopefully she read my latest blog post on how to nail your audition), and was able to accomplish her goal.  I think I might be more excited about it than she is...........

Not one single day goes by where I consider changing jobs.  I even made a list last week of all the reasons I love my job.  Yes, I am a self-diagnosed List-aholic.

1. I cherish my students.

2. I make a positive impact on people's lives.

3. I make a living singing songs and playing the piano.

4. Teaching music is not, and has never been, WORK.

5. At least once a day, one of my student's has an "A HA" moment.

6. I help to promote music education.

7. I see dreams come true for my students.

8. I hear progress every day.

Ok, the list actually goes on and on and there's no need to bore you.  I think self reflection, especially as musicians, actors, artist, teachers (the list goes on and on.  See, another list...) is extremely important to the job we do.  If I didn't love my job, would my students be as successful?  I don't think so.  If Bernadette Peters didn't love her job, would she be one of the most successful, entertaining, and talented women...well...ever?  Not a chance.

I'm going to take some time for self reflection today.  I hope you do too.