Cindy Shadrick Voice Studio

Voice Instructor, Vocal Coach, Music Director


Cindy offers private voice lessons, vocal coaching, and performance coaching.  Lessons are offered in her private home studio in Cedar Rapids, IA or online via Skype.

Cindy is also available for performances and masterclasses.

My philosophy as a teacher is to promote healthy singing while creating quality musicians. I am providing my students the opportunities to prepare for performances, auditions, competitions, college music and theatre programs, develop appreciation for all styles of vocal music, and learn the language of music and performance, as well as the tools to help students teach themselves.

I have 6 major goals for each student.  These include:
• Healthy, technically correct singing
• Learning a variety of styles and literature
• Being able to sight read comfortably
• Become a strong musician through theory, ear training, and sight singing.
• Express yourself as a musician and as an artist.
• Enjoy your voice and your ability to make beautiful music

Each voice lesson includes vocalization and technique building, musicianship lessons (theory, history, etc.), and music preparation.  I record each student's lesson and the student receives a written lesson report and recording each week.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching differs from voice lessons in that the main focus of the coaching is learning music rather than technique.  Vocal Coaching is for students who are either beyond the need for technical lessons or for students who also study vocal technique.

Vocal Coaching sessions include literature assignments, portfolio building, and versatile singing of different styles of music.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is for students who have specific performance needs.  These could include upcoming audtions for schools or musicals, recitals, pageants, or competitions.  The focus of these coaching sessions is to prepare the singer/actor for an upcoming performance.  Topics discussed include audition techniques, body presentation, clothing, acting coaching, and vocal preparation.

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