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Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa

After years of missing home, Jason and I were given a great opportunity to head back to the motherland.  Starting next week, Jason will be the Managing Editor of Guitar Edge Magazine.  We are very excited to be moving back to Iowa (I know what you're thinking.....excited about Iowa???).  And our parents are very excited to have their grandson within driving distance!

So how will this affect voice lessons?

I'm glad you asked that question! I will be opening my studio in Iowa as soon as we get settled. I've spent the last two weeks telling my local students about my having to move my studio out of the state of Connecticut.  I'm heartbroken to leave them!  This brought on an extensive search into offering lessons online (over Skype or a similar web offering).  This really intrigues me and I'm planning to run some tests into this soon.  If everything goes well in tests, I will be offering lessons online.  So let me put this out there.....would you be willing to take lessons with me online?  Please let me know your thoughts.  I have students all of the country and I'm thrilled at the idea of being able to coach them without the stress of expensive flights, etc.

Please keep checking back for updates regarding the new studio and the plans for online lessons.