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Let's Talk About Callbacks

So, you had your audition and now you've been asked to attend "callbacks."  What does that mean?  What do I prepare?  What am I going to wear???

Callbacks are a sort of "round two" audition.  It means that the director liked you enough, or saw enough potential, to give you a second shot.  Sometimes it means that the director has you in mind for a specific role and would like to see you again to make sure he is right.  Other times it might mean that he liked you for several parts and would like to see you again to decide which one is right for you.  Two important things to know about callbacks are: 1) Just because you didn't get a call back does not mean you didn't get a role (the director has already made up his mind that you are the lead).  2) Just because you get a call back does not mean you are going to get cast.

What should you do to prepare for your call back?  Prepare for this as if it were the first audition.  If the director gives you sides, look over them.  Don't just hit on the actress in the waiting room.  Go over your monologue or song.  One good trick is to wear the same thing (or close to the same thing) you wore for your first audition.  You want to give the directors a visual reminder of your first audition.  When you walk into the room, assert yourself that you have this role.  No need to be cocky, just proud.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, thank the directors for the opportunity to audition for them again and leave the room graciously.  It is just as important for the directors to like you and want to work with you as is your talent.

Remember that each audition experience is a chance to perform.  Love what you do!