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Motivation and Inspiration

Having already been apart of some amazing lessons this week (and it's only Wednesday!) I'm amazed at how much motivation can come from inspiration.  My student, Victoria, had a wonderful lesson last week and came back this week with renewed energy and excitement.  Her mother even commented to me how motivated she was after her previous lesson to practice for hours on end.  Just working on one simple technique inspired her musically and motivated her to work even harder.

I've had my own bouts with motivation and inspiration.  Upon leaving graduate school, I didn't sing for 7 months.  I vocalized a little when teaching, and gave brief examples when necessary, but did not sing full out for 7 months.  For my birthday, my amazing husband took me to the Metropolitan Opera House to see Natalie Dessay.  Of course I was excited to go, but didn't realize how moved I would be by a single voice.  The next day, I was so inspired by how breathtakingly beautiful her voice was, that I worked up the nerve to go into the practice room and sing.  Not just vocalize a little, but REALLY sing.  That was the moment that it really hit me-I'm sure some would relate it to falling in love.  I fell in love with singing again.  I fell in love with the breath, with the energy and the forward motion, the ring and spin that filled the room, the golden spirals that bounced off my forehead with vibrant tone.  My voice finally felt alive again.

What is your inspiration?  Have you been moved lately?  Please share!